1. Stone owls

  2. River Calder. Wakefield, West Yorks. Taken in March 2013. 

  3. This evening I went to an event in Leeds called ‘Booth’, which brings people in the city interested in photography together. Every month a new theme is set, and members have to go out and take a photo with that particular theme in mind. It’s a really friendly atmosphere and I would recommend it to anyone in Leeds who would like to be set a bit of a challenge with their pic taking. This month’s theme was ‘family’, so here is my entry. It’s a photo I took of my cousin’s son last weekend. He’s nearly two, and it was the first time he had ever played in the snow. I like the slightly wary expression on his face, and his initial concern about what had changed from the previous day in the field he was in. 

    For more information about Booth, go here - 


  4. While we are on tinkered photos, here’s a pic I took of a wintry bandstand in Burley Park. It’s a 2 minute walk from my house in Leeds, and I pass it all the time. This was taken last year after a good dumping of snow, and it hasn’t looked as good since!